Outreach Media Promotion

Using a range of applications including, Blender(vehicle shots), OpenToonz/ToonBoom Harmony (2D frame-by-frame), Photoshop/Clip Studio (Backgrounds), Black Magic DaVinci (editing) and lastly Black Magic Fusion (compositing), this animation was a labour of love.

Promoting the not-for-profit organisation Outreach Media, the animation reveals how their posters actually get made.

Directed by Tim Bywater.
Produced by Malcolm Williams.
Story by Simon McGrath & Tim Bywater.
Betty: Fay East.
Gertrude: Dorothy Hull.
Live Action Director & Camera Operator: Simon McGrath.
Animation: Tim Bywater, Jasmine Qwan & Andrew Wilson.
Animation Clean Up: Sean Mundy.
Music: Joseph Lisk.
V.O. Recording: Jarad Avnell.
The Word voice: Zac Trappel.
Tester voice: Peter Meyes.
Sound Effects & Mixing: Tom Baldwin.
Thank you to Emily Bywater, Deborah Cameron & Toby Trappel.